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Nine Piece Memphis Soul band who have withstood the test of time

Above:  1969 from left to right:  Geoff Glover; Doug Ayris; Johnny Baker; Malcolm "Doc" Randall; Clive "Clyde" Barrow; Brian Mansell.

Above right:  Cutting from Melody Maker February 4th 1967.  

Right:  1967 from left to right: Ron Butterworth; Kenny Power; Dave Holloway; Mick Wheeler; Hans "Herbie" Herbert; Brian Sell; Doug Ayris.

Below:  1970 from left to right:  Pete Amos; Geoff Glover; Keith Kendall; Doug Ayris; John Conway (sax); Clive "Clyde" Barrow.

Below right:   All Night Workers cuttings.  

Above:  1970 at Pantiles.  From left to right:  Doug Ayris, Keith Kendall, Clive (Clyde) Barrow, Geoff Glover, John Conway and Pete Amos.

Below:  Article from the Bucks Free Press Friday January 1st 1971, reporting a gig played at High Wycombe Town Hall on Christmas Eve 1970.  Sax players were erroneously billed as John Baker and John Conway, though the picture shows Jeff Glover and John Conway.

Left:  All Night Workers working all night!  Taken at Eel Pie Island in 1968.  From left to right:  Johnny Baker, Malcolm 'Doc' Randall, Iain Pitwell, Doug Ayris, Mick Wheeler, Brian Mansell, Geoff Glover.

Below: Iain Pitwell, Geoff Glover, Johnny Baker, Malcolm 'Doc' Randall, Brian Mansell, Mick Wheeler and Doug Ayris.  

Past Pictures
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Above:  A cutting from a Norwich newspaper November 1st 1968.

Right:  Advertising a gig at Dorking Halls.  From left to right: Johnny Baker, Brian Mansell, Malcolm ‘Doc’ Randall, Iain Pitwell, Doug Ayris & Geoff Glover.

Below: All Night Workers back then, from left to right:  Doug Ayris; Malcolm "Doc" Randall;  Ian Pitwell; Mick Wheeler; Brian Mansell; Johnny Baker; and Geoff Glover.

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Above:  Promotional Adverts

Above Left:  Starlite Ballroom, Greenford.  May 29th 1968.  Cutting from The Post.  

Centre top:  Hideaway Club, Basingstoke. Friday March 17th 1967.  Cutting from The Hants & Berks Gazette

Centre bottom:  Riverside Club, Chertsey.   Friday March 10th 1967.  Cutting  from Herald & News

Right:  The Hop Club, Walton.  Friday 8th December 1967.  Cutting from Herald & News