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Nine Piece Memphis Soul band who have withstood the test of time

History: 1966-1967

The All Night Workers #1 (Circa May-circa August 1966)

Mick Wheeler – lead vocals

Brian Sell – lead guitar

Brian Hosking – bass

Ken Hope – drums (replaced briefly by Terry Mabey)

Mick Wheeler formed the first incarnation of The All Night Workers around May/June 1966 with his friend Ken Hope, who’d worked with him in Mike Dee & The Prophets in 1964-1965.

Wheeler’s childhood friend Brian Sell from early 1960s band Mike Dee & The Jaywalkers joined on lead guitar, having played and recorded with Rey Anton & The Peppermint Men during 1964-1965 and Brian Hosking, another Twickenham friend, completed the line up on bass.

The younger brother of sax player Mel Wayne from Mike Dee & The Prophets, Brian Hosking had started out with school band, The Diplomats. From there, he moved on to The Feeet with future All Night Workers member Doug Ayris on lead guitar. In 1963, the pair had formed The Legend with singer Nigel Kingswell and drummer John Sergeant.

While with this band, Hosking also started playing with The Smokestacks and ended up joining them in 1964, handing over the bass position to another future All Night Workers member, Roy Doughty. While The All Night Workers were starting up, Hosking opened the Heston Bar in Heston, Middlesex with his girlfriend.

The original line up, however, proved to be very short-lived. Ken Hope only did a few rehearsals before departing early on and, according to Brian Sell, Terry Mabey from Jimmy Royal & The Hawks/The Jimmy Royal Set filled in briefly.

Brian Hosking also dropped out at this stage after deciding to concentrate on running his bar full-time. Before leaving he introduced his former band mate, Doug Ayris, lead guitarist with The Legend, who took over the bass. Hosking would reunite with Ayris and Wheeler in October 1967 in a band called Deep Purple.

The changes did not end there, however, as the band took on a horn section and an organist. Brian Sell brought in his friend Dave Holloway from Staines, Middlesex to play keyboards. At the same time, Ealing musician Hans “Herbie” Herbert came in on drums and invited his friend Kenny Power from his former band to join on sax.

The All Night Workers also added trumpet player Ron Terry, who worked at a tailors’ shop on the Fulham Road and was much older than the rest of the group. When Terry left later in the year, Ronny Butterworth, a Feltham, Middlesex-based musician, who’d attended Debrome school with future All Night Workers sax player Johnny Baker, took over.

Mick Wheeler – lead vocals

Brian Sell – lead guitar

Dave Holloway – organ

Doug Ayris – bass

Ron Terry (replaced by Ronny Butterworth) – trumpet

Kenny Power – sax

Hans “Herbie” Herbert – drums

Starlite Ballroom in Greenford, Middlesex.

Hans Herbert left to join Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band around spring 1967 and was replaced by Dave Holloway’s friend Jim Park from Staines, Middlesex. Herbert, however, would briefly return to drum stool in The All Night Workers in early 1970.

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The All Night Workers #2 (Circa August 1966-March 1967) 

Hans Herbert’s mother took over the band’s management and secured bookings with top draws like The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The All Night Workers gigged widely, appearing at top London clubs like the Bag O’Nails, Tiles, the Ram Jam Club,the Flamingo and the

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