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Nine Piece Memphis Soul band who have withstood the test of time


Thank you to all those who have contributed to this site.

To Nick Warburton, for his tireless efforts in researching the entire complicated history of the band, naming and shaming nearly thirty members who went through the band in its first decade, and without whom there would be no reincarnated All Night Workers.  Thanks also go to Nick for contributing to these pages and sharing images he has collected

To Brian Hosking, John “Sarge” Sergeant and Geoff Glover for co-ordinating reunions,

To Clive "Clyde" Barrow for travelling between London and Bournemouth to rally the troops and sharing history, clippings and publicity shots. And for obtaining and promoting gigs above and beyond the call of duty

To Doug Ayris - The Indomitable Stalwart - for contributing old publicity shots and sharing history and for co-ordinating rehearsals and securing gigs

To Mel Wayne, Pete Bowers,  Dave Mumford and John Conway,  some of whom were original band members and became part of the newer line-up

To Brian Mansell for sharing old publicity shots

To Ruth Ayris for her support and tireless online presence tweeting and posting regularly - especially her social networking expertise

To Pam Sergeant for video and photographic skills

Thanks go out to all band members past and present.

Website created by Jayne Ayris, All Night Workers Personal Assistant, secretary to the band, administrator for the band, publicity agent, roadie, lighting technician,  photographer, Bottle Washer & Glass Collector,  promoter, door-person, general dogsbody and security to the band

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